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It is Therapeutically Speaking Inc.'s experience that the most successful treatment treats the total person, which includes the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual needs of the person. Therapeutically Speaking, Inc. treatment meets this objective by utilizing a blended model that includes cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamics and family components. Therapeutically Speaking, Inc. focuses on specific goals, such as: restoring better quality of life, identifying and treating emotional issues, and developing coping strategies. These goals are achieved through a combination of treatment components. Therapeutically Speaking, Inc emphasizes the humane, sensible and compassionate approach to acknowledge the agonizingly real nature of depression, anxiety and a host of other mental disorders that kill and cripple one’s quality of life. Therapeutically Speaking, Inc. solutions are to diagnose, treat, eliminate pain and suffering from emotional illness through the treatment of the whole person.

Thus, Therapeutically Speaking, Inc. offers high quality and accessible behavioral health care to the individual and their families. In essences, the heart of Therapeutically Speaking, Inc. is the dedication to the provision of services while embracing the following elements: efficiency and effectiveness.

Therapeutically Speaking, Inc. invites you to explore the service by asking an e-therapy question. Click on the tab “purchase a session.” E-mail questions are $35.00. You are not limited in any way and can order a session for as long as you desire. With each service you will get:

1 - A confidential, intuitive and concise evaluation and
2 - A carefully assessed responses with next step suggestions.

After paying you can send an e-therapy question immediately to the therapist.

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2 - Upon completion of your payment you'll be taken to a Contact form.  The therapist receives and reviews the important information from the form which helps prepare the therapist to assist you. Take your time when completing the form. Most people tell us that this process helps them prepare for their email session and gives them valuable insights into issues they want to address in their email.

Again, there is no limit in the sessions allowed. Therapeutically Speaking is highly solution focused. Once those issues of genuine concerns are resolved, which they will be, there will no more need for continual sessions relating to that particular issue. Please keep in mind that positive changes are just a click away.

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On March 11, 2016, my mother died. Throughout that difficult time, many people told me I needed closure in order to get through life’s hardships. Closure became imprinted in my mind. 

Since then, I’ve pondered the enigmatic word. Specifically, I’ve questioned whether or not we ever reach closure in our relationships. 

Closure has many definitions and interpretations, but what I’d like to focus on is its poignant illusion. Closure is a term many of us cling to when we’re searching for a resolution -- we want our confusing relationships tied in big bows and presented to us in a way we understand. Thus, closure is the elusive feeling we chase after an emotional matter.  

This emotional inquiry occurs after a relationship is over. Many times, we fallaciously think that the relationship may still have potential -- but if you feel that you have to seek closure, the relationship is indeed over. 

Therapeutically speaking, we do not want to face the truth nor the reality pertaining to the situation. We do not want to go beyond imposed limitations in order to find different possibilities. 

But without facing the truth, can we really get closure?

Seeking closure can be conducive to accepting responsibility for your actions. Introspection through having “conversations with oneself, both asking and answering one’s own questions in a form of a ‘self-dialogue’” can help you work through your hardships It can help you understand what you can’t let go of, or what you’re trying to avoid. 

Acknowledging the reality of the situation and being honest with yourself can help you figure out what you need to move on. After all, it’s up to you to take the necessary actions to help move forward By determining the problem and recognizing that you can do something about it, you may alleviate the uncertainty that made you long for closure in the first place. The pain, hurt, anger, and disappointment will diminish once one has cleared the way to a better, more realistic understanding of the situation, Always focus on the here and now. You can’t change the past, but you can work through and ease your pain by coming up with a plan to move forward. 

So, the question remains: Do we really get closure, or do we accept ownership of our actions? 

If you are looking for closure and need to talk with a therapist, you can schedule a session with  Dr. Spears.

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