Healing Arts


Therapeutically Speaking, Inc will attend to the spiritual beliefs and practices of the individual, so we can understand them and assist in their healing and growth. Therapeutically Speaking, Inc believes that the very essence of the therapeutic relationship and meaningful change are spiritual in nature, fostering personal transformation, wholeness and relational connection with others.

Most people who come for therapeutic help are seeking more than symptom reduction, problem solving, and communication skills; they yearn for greater meaning and deeper connections with others in their lives. Many who seek help for physical, emotional or interpersonal problems are in spiritual distress and experiencing physical, emotional relational problems.

Thus, Therapeutically Speaking, Inc develops ways to successfully integrate these vital dimensions in our practice by encouraging spiritual connections in family and their community. In essence, the healing arts of therapy have much in common with a spiritual journey. With that in mind, Therapeutically Speaking, Inc wants to assist you in following your spiritual path.