"Assistance Through One's Crossroads"

Pathways 2 Change, Inc.


Pathways 2 Change, Inc. is a project that attempts to detect the needs of mental health problems in Miami minority communities.

Pathways 2 Change, Inc. has a well-trained indigenous staff that provides a therapeutic, spiritually family oriented environment while supporting the development of self-confidence and high self-esteem through an application of a thorough foundation of the behavioral sciences.

In many minority communities, there is a sense of shame surrounding the symptoms of mental illness and the belief that one should be able to shake off these symptoms. So instead of seeking professional help, people turn their anger inward or they turn to faith to help them through. Due to this kind of thinking, people often delay seeking professional help. Emotional distress often triggers physical aches and pains that send people to doctors and emergency rooms, unaware of their cause, for example, panic attacks are responsible for 33 million spent each year on unnecessary angiograms.

Money can be saved if mental illness were recognized and treated with proper medication and appropriate therapy. Mental disorder is not a mysterious malady, but diagnosable and treatable. In fact, treatment for depression, panic disorders, schizophrenia and other psychological illness are more successful than treatment given to heart disease patients who undergo surgery for blocked arteries.

Fortunately, help and hope are available. Therefore, money invested in Pathways 2 Change, Inc. will bring healthy returns as evidenced by improvement of one's productivity, reduction of absenteeism, improvement of family dynamics and alleviation of antisocial behavior. Pathways 2 Change, Inc. offers a full continuum of effective quality treatment.

Pathways 2 Change, Inc. was developed to treat a wide spectrum of psychological illness. The program utilizes resolution focus psychotherapy with weekly face to face sessions interspersed with telephone contact. Treatment involves the client and their families. It provides a comprehensive diagnostic overview of the client, including epidemiology, diagnosis, assessments, family history , psychotherapy and a host of therapeutic interventions. Also, this program provides a stimulating environment for addressing one's intellectual, social, emotional growth and assures their in-depth mastery of achieving a better quality of life, while fostering their self confidence and high self-esteem, as well as, providing a basis and a thorough foundation for future success. Hence, Dr. Spears, therapist, applies her interest and energy for preparing effective treatments as a backbone for this program. The therapist is an individual who is experienced and well trained in diagnostic interventions. Her selection of evaluation is based on her in-depth familiarity with psychopathologies, extensive training and experience in the clinical arena.

An eclectic and multidisciplinary approach is the hallmark of Pathways 2 Change, Inc.. Pathways 2 Change, Inc. will be involved in an effort to heighten awareness and eradicate the stigma of mental illness. For example, one to five Americans (50 million people) suffer from some form of mental illness. Therefore, there is a tremendous gap that exists between the need for mental health services and their availability in minority communities. Eighty to ninety percent of all mental illness are treatable and can often return to productive lives and relationships with the right course of treatment. This program will furnish services for one who feels trapped in pain and suffering from their condition, which will be identified by comprehensive therapeutic assessments. These assessments provide a conceptual framework for prioritizing the risk factors in one's stressful life, identifying resources, which are needed and choosing strategies that directly address those risk factors through the enhancement of preventive measures.

By providing these services, it is probable to connect the dots between psychological entities and create an infrastructure to support them. It is Pathways 2 Change, Inc.'s experience that the most successful treatment treats the total person, which includes the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual needs of the person. Because each person is unique, an individual treatment plan is designed to meet one's specific needs. Pathways 2 Change, Inc.'s treatment meets this objective by utilizing a blended model that includes cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamics and family components. Pathways 2 Change, Inc. focuses on specific goals, such as: restoring better quality of life, identifying and treating emotional issues, and developing coping strategies. These goals are achieved through a combination of treatment components. Pathways 2 Change, Inc. emphasizes the humane, sensible and compassionate approach to acknowledge the agonizingly real nature of depression, anxiety and a host of other mental disorders that kill and cripple one's quality of life. Pathways 2 Change, Inc.'s solution is to diagnose, treat, eliminate pain and suffering from psychological illness through the treatment of the whole person.

Pathways 2 Change, Inc. utilizes a theoretical approach with regard to etiology. Thus, Pathways 2 Change, Inc. attempts to describe comprehensively what the manifestations of mental disorders are. In essence, the approach employed is descriptions of clinical features and progress toward resolution. Pathways 2 Change, Inc. uses diagnostic criteria for each specific mental disorder. This criteria includes a list of essential features that must be present for the diagnosis to be made. Pathways 2 Change, Inc. systemically describes each disorder in terms of its essential features and associated characteristics with brief comments about factors of impairment. The purpose of Pathways 2 Change, Inc. is to provide a clear descriptions of diagnostic categories in order to enable the therapist to diagnose and treat various mental disorders for restoring previous functioning by developing coping strategies within the therapeutic session.

Mission statements –   

Pathways 2 Change, Inc. is committed to offering each client “assistance through one’s crossroads.” We provide cost-effective and culturally sensitive counseling related to social stressors and mental illness. Our mission is to evaluate, treat, and educate our clients.

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