Mission Statement

“Together We Achieve the Extraordinary.”

 Therapeutically Speaking’s goal is to provide the finest quality service to clients and their families, agencies and other referral sources and to do this efficiently and economically. Therapeutically Speaking is committed to provide high quality services to all with special needs that derive from behavioral, psychological, intellectual and neurological impairments.  Services will be provided in an understanding and empathetic manner to foster human potential and to contribute to the individual’s social, psychological and academic well being. Therapeutically Speaking integrates mind, body, and spirit into our holistic practice of the healing arts. We treat each client in a holistic manner that takes into account the mind, body, emotions and spirit of the individual.

Our center will assist all agencies to bring about lasting improvements in design, delivery, education and treatment of mental health care to the individual and their families, as well as the community. Also, we collaborate with medical professionals. In essence, the heart of Therapeutically Speaking is the dedication to the provision of services while embracing the following elements: efficiency and effectiveness.  Together we have found that the spirit is nourished and grows through such meaningful connections by providing a combination of services for the client. Our goal is to help the client, their families and the community to tap resources for resilience and transformation by offering our therapeutic efforts. Keeping this in mind, this agency believes that “Together We Achieve the Extraordinary.”